Dropshare for iOS 2.3 Introduces Subscription-Based Pricing

January 31st, 2019

We're glad to announce Dropshare for iOS 2.3, which introduces new features and changes to our pricing model.

WeTransfer and URL Shortening

With the latest update on iOS, we introduce support for WeTransfer uploads. WeTransfer, a free service to send files of up to 2GB is a welcomed addition to the list of hosting providers supported by Dropshare. After easily signing up for a free developer account, all what is required is an API key obtained from the developer dashboard to start uploading on iOS.

Additionally, we're introducing an universal URL shortening extension for your iOS device. Whenever you have a URL, e.g. in Safari, Chrome or any other browser, just tap the Share button and select Shorten URL to receive the currently active URL shortened in your clipboard. Of course, your individual URL shortening preferences from Dropshare will be respected.

Dropshare Pro is now a monthly subscription

We have listened to your feedback and are glad to announce that starting with version 2.3, Dropshare Pro will be a monthly subscription. This enables us to offer new users a free trial period of 7 days and reduce the monthly price to just 1.49 EUR / USD 1.49. Dropshare Pro might be cancelled monthly and reactivated at any time if needed.

Existing customers who purchased Dropshare Pro in the past or subscribers of Dropshare Cloud are not affected by these changes. Existing purchases might be restored at any time and entitle to unlock Dropshare Pro.

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