Video Tutorials

Get started and become a power user of Dropshare for macOS with these quick-start tutorial videos.

Grant Required System Permissions

Dropshare requires several system permissions for all features to work. You can choose which permissions you want to grant based on the features that you want to use.

Enable Landing Pages

Use landing pages to add a download website to your download URLs. You can choose from pre-installed designs and add your own design with HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Set Up Keyboard Shortcuts

All screen capture options can be triggered with a user-defined keyboard shortcut. Set up shortcuts to quick-access your most frequently used features.

Capture Pretty Screenshots

Screen shot parts of your screen and embed these shots on a pretty canvas. Set up different built-in backgrounds or your custom image.

Enable Dropshare Zone

Sometimes the menu bar seems like a mile away. With Dropshare Zone, you'll always have Dropshare at hand on your screen.

Enable Dropshare Mirror

Capture screen shots from your USB-connected iOS or Android devices and annotate or upload them with Dropshare on your Mac.

Install FFmpeg

FFmpeg is a free and open-source multimedia toolkit. Once installed, you can capture screen recordings as GIF and improve conversion speed & quality for video recordings.

Missing a video for a specific feature? Check out the User Guide for more help or reach out in the community.

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