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Learn how Dropshare can be the easy & secure file sharing solution for your business using your existing storage providers.

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What is Dropshare?

Dropshare is a file sharing app for macOS and iOS.

It will take any file, text, screen shot or screen recording – upload it to your existing storage provider – and provide you with a link to share. The shared file can be accessed and downloaded on any computer or smartphone.

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Which storage providers are supported?

Dropshare works with almost any storage provider.

Facilitating your existing storage provider, you do not need to worry about additional compliance clearance. Dropshare is an app that uploads to your existing storage provider, making it easy to integrate in many business processes. You benefit from your existing subscriptions and storage plans without additional monthly costs.

Who is using Dropshare?

From individuals and small businesses to enterprises: Dropshare can help to simplify file sharing anywhere.

The apps can be easily self-installed and configured, or set up centrally with device management deployments. Storage providers can be user-individual or shared with teams or organisations - whichever workflow you already have implemented or want to adopt.

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