The Changelog

Dropshare for Mac 5

Changelog Version 5.6

13 October 2019


  • URL Shorteners: is now a native integration (you can now also select your custom domain with
  • Dropbox: Copying the embeddable (raw) URL of a file is now possibile by using "Copy Direct URL" from the upload context menu

Changelog Version 5.5

09 October 2019


  • Catalina Ready: Auto Appearance (Dark / Light mode) is now supported

Changelog Version 5.4.4

26 August 2019


  • Catalina Ready: Improving the reliability of detecting the Screen Recording Permission's state

Changelog Version 5.4.3

24 August 2019


  • Catalina Ready: Dropshare is now ready for Catalina (macOS 10.15). Once you upgraded, you might get asked for screen recording permissions in order to capture screen shots with Dropshare (Learn more)
  • Screen recordings can now get stopped and uploaded by pressing the selected keyboard shortcut again
  • Fixed a crash when clicking the screen capture button in the popup menu

Changelog Version 5.4.2

17 August 2019


  • Fixed an issue with large-file uploads and app crashes: Dropshare is now way more stable and uses less memory when uploading large files (2GB+)

Changelog Version 5.4.1

11 August 2019


  • Fixing an issue with custom URL shorteners (application/x-www-form-urlencoded)

Changelog Version 5.4

21 July 2019


  • Introducing Box 🎁 - Upload and share files with Box and Dropshare for macOS now

Changelog Version 5.3.1

26 July 2019


  • We've fixed and issue with and improved custom URL shorteners; Dropshare now correctly escapes URL parameters as well as offers to choose between application/x-www-form-urlencoded or application/json for POST requests

Changelog Version 5.3

21 July 2019


  • Introducing Microsoft OneDrive 🎁 - Upload and share files with OneDrive and Dropshare for macOS now
  • Improving Dropshare Annotation Tool 🖼 - Besides a cleaner UI, you can now drag & drop the annotated image to other apps
  • Introducing support for 📸 - Annotate screenshots with CleanShot and upload them with Dropshare, now available

Changelog Version 5.2

30 June 2019


  • Introducing Custom Domain support for Azure Blob Storage
  • Drag & Drop from the Annotation Editor is now possible

Bug Fixes

  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

Changelog Version 5.1.8

22 May 2019

Bug Fixes

  • Fixing a timezone-related issue with Amazon S3 connections

Changelog Version 5.1.6

23 Mar 2019

Bug Fixes

  • We've fixed an issue with Microphone Audio in Screen Recordings

Changelog Version 5.1.5

16 Mar 2019

Bug Fixes

  • We've fixed an issue with signing up for Dropshare Cloud within the Mac app

Changelog Version 5.1.3

23 Feb 2019


  • Fixing an issue when creating Google Drive connections
  • Improving ffmpeg usage with homebrew for GIF screen recordings

Changelog Version 5.1.2

12 Feb 2019


  • Introducing drag & drop for the recent upload list and upload history. You can now drag & drop uploads to other applications to either share a link to the uploaded file or the original file on your disk.
  • Import from Device now allows the image or document to be saved locally instead of uploaded.
  • Dropshare for macOS is now notarized. Learn more about Notarization by Apple.

Changelog Version 5.1.1

02 Feb 2019


  • Improved handling of deleting synchronized history items
  • Several smaller improvements and bug fixes

Changelog Version 5.1

01 Dec 2018

New Features

  • Introducing WeTransfer - upload files up to 2GB for free with WeTransfer and Dropshare
  • Introducing Handoff - easily capture and upload photos and multi-page documents with your iOS device
  • Introducing options for automated deployment - installing Dropshare on multiple Macs automatically is now easier
  • Introducing support for promised files - Dropshare can now deal with file promises, e.g. with screenshots taken with the new macOS screenshot utility

Bug Fixes

  • Fixing a crash with voice recording for screen recordings
  • Fixing a crash when trying to annotate screenshots with an app not installed
  • When uploading folders as archives, Dropshare is now responsive during the archive creation

Changelog Version 5.0.3

07 Oct 2018

Bug Fixes

  • Fixing an issue where always the default landing page would be used instead of the selected one
  • Improving history synchronization timing

Changelog Version 5.0.2

03 Oct 2018

Bug Fixes

  • Fixing an issue where in the connection preferences, the menu would not open if the connection name was too long.
  • Fixing a crash with the Share Menu in the upload history.

Changelog Version 5.0.1

30 Sep 2018

Bug Fixes

  • Under some circumstances, URl shortenes would not work as expected. This has now been resolved.
  • Several crashes which we have seen since the release of Dropshare 5 have been fixed. Sorry about that.

Changelog Version 5.0

24 Sep 2018

Dropshare 5 is our brand new release with many new features, made for the new macOS Mojave.

New Features

  • Brand new User Interface with support for macOS Light and Dark Mode
  • Support for Dropbox uploads
  • Multipart uploads to Dropbox, S3 and Dropshare Cloud support now files of virtually any size
  • New Upload History with filters, search and export functionality
  • Dropshare Sync has been retired and replaced by seamless iCloud synchronization
  • Completely reworked Settings with many new options to choose from, e.g. taking Screenshots without shadow or saving them on your Mac additional to uploading
  • Brand new Landing Page Designs to choose from
  • Native URL Shortener integration
  • Improved Keyboard Shortcut for Clipboard Uploads. URLs in your Clipboard will now be shortened for your convenience
  • Improved Share Extension to be more seamless than ever
  • Uploading to sub-folders is now supported on Backblaze B2
  • Google Drive uploads are now by default set to "anyone with link" instead of "anyone on the web"
  • Added new region Paris to Amazon S3
  • Hundreds of bugfixes and improvements

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