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Dropshare 5 is frequently updated with new features and improvements - 77 releases since September 2018 .

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Version 5.35.1

This update requires macOS 12.3 or newer.

  • Screen Recordings: Fixing an issue with screen recordings and multiple screens connected to the Mac (wrong screen would be recorded)
  • Improved Screen Recordings: The screen recording feature has been improved. It now allows capturing single windows as well as system audio. It results in higher quality video files with comparable file sizes and better performance during recording and converting the video file.
  • Restoring Floating Screen Captures: Floating screen captures that have not been uploaded or dismissed will now be restored when relaunching the app.
  • Video Previews: Floating screen captures will now preview video (if the capture is a screen recording).
  • Video Quality: Video Quality for exported screen recordings can now be configured.
  • Connection Chooser: Connections shown in the connection chooser overlay can now be selected in the connection preferences.
  • Upload Preferences: In the per-connection upload preferences, the usage of a landing page can now be enabled/disabled.
  • Pretty Screenshots: Improved the rendering time for pretty screenshots with large wallpaper images.
  • App Updates: The update release channel (Release & Beta) can now be configured in the app preferences.

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