Feature Overview

Dropshare is packed with features on macOS and iOS. No matter if you just want it to work, or enjoy every single feature of it: Dropshare is the right tool for you.

Dropshare Uploads Anything Dropshare Uploads Anything

Upload Anything

Dropshare is a file sharing app. It will take any file, text, screen shot or screen recording – upload it – and provide you with a link to share.

Living in your menu bar, always at your fingertips, Dropshare runs in the background until you need it. Once (or even before) an upload has finished, you will have a link to access the file in your clipboard, ready to share it in an email, instant message or online forum.

Uploads can be started via drag&drop, keyboard shortcuts, a Share menu and many other ways from almost any app.

Storage Services

No matter whether you prefer cloud storage, file storage or classic file transfer protocols: Dropshare has you covered.

The app supports a majority of available storage providers and services. You can set up different upload targets within the app and choose for each upload where it should go, e.g. for personal or professional files.

Annotation Tool Annotation Tool

Screen Capture

Capture and annotate screenshots with Dropshare or your favorite annotation app, and record your screen as video or GIF, with or without audio.

Annotated screenshots and screen recordings have become an essential part of professionally working together. Dropshare exists to help with that, and is heavily configurable to fit into your own personal workflow.

Besides the integrated annotation editor, the most popular third-party apps like CleanShot X and Shottr are supported natively as well.

Landing Pages

Link to uploaded files directly or set up a landing page for your downloads, including your professional identity and design.

Choose from a number of available designs or set up your own landing page with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. There are also various community designs available to base your personal landing page design on.

Landing Pages Landing Pages

Various Preferences

Dropshare offers a vast amount of preferences to set it up to suit your needs.

iOS App & Sync

Dropshare is available on iOS as well, and offers a wide selection of features from macOS on the go.

The iPhone and iPad version of Dropshare comes packed with features as well. It supports many storage services, landing pages, URL shorteners, enhanced multi-tasking and automation using Apple's Shortcuts app.

Your upload history is synchronized via iCloud so you have all your previous uploads at hand to access and share.

Free for Dropshare Cloud and Setapp subscribers.

App Store

iOS Version of Dropshare

Many More Features

New functionality is regularily added since the apps are provided with updates.

View the changelog for all recent updates and new features.

Upload Zone on Desktop
Landing Pages
URL Shorteners
Command Line Interface
Screen Recordings
Capture from Android
Synchronize Upload History
Secure Download Links
Integrity Hashes
Filename Randomization
Floating Screenshots
Markdown Notes
Clipboard Upload
Capture from iOS
Keyboard Shortcuts
Screen Shots

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